Core Team vision is to be a leading IT hardware and software Distributor - cum - Reseller and excellent service Provider Company, offering innovative products and services to home users, professionals, small and medium businesses in India and abroad.Core Team has 7 years of experience in sales and services of latest IT hardware and software products. With a client base all over Mumbai Core Team has made a real and meaningful difference in the lives of people and striving hard to do it better every time. With a huge Distributor and dealer network Core Team has made its presence felt in the Mumbai region. Core Team envisions a powerful future technology enabled India and will make all possible.

Core Team Technology is a new –age computer IT- services enterprise, which offers cutting edge productivity solutions to small and medium businesses NGO’S Educational institutions and large organization across various business verticals. Founded in the year 2010, Core Team has emerged as one of the leading players in the organized IT Service sector in India. Core Team Technology enjoys considerable amount of market share in Annual Maintenance Services in the State Government Organizations. We offer computer hardware of world-renowned brands which includes Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, HCL, Acer, Logitech, Samsung,  just to name a few.


Dattatray Sanas: Founder & CEO, Core Team Technology

Dattatray  is one of the founders of Core Team and its current CEO. . Dattatray focus has always been on helping customers achieve their desired goals and supporting their IT infrastructure.

He is responsible for strategic planning, vision and everyday function. He is the driving force behind the company and its explosive growth. He is well experienced in the areas of Business Development, Quality control, Finance, Management. He has a graduated from M.H.Saboo Siddhikee Polytechnic In December 2009.

Vishal Patankar: Co-Founder , Core Team Technology

Vishal  is also a co-founder of Core Team Technology Mr. vishal started building networks more than 7 years ago. Creating effective solutions to meet client's needs has always been a passion.For the last 7 years, Scott has helped business owners streamline their operations to become more profitable and efficient.

During his free time vishal likes to play Game, Cricket, engage in Social Activities and play Cards.

Meet the Team

Rupesh Sagvekar

Vinod Upadhay

Nilesh Jadhav

Santosh Sanas